This piece is inspired by the ongoing experience of self discovery. The journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning who you are and how much power you hold. It is made up of Ocean Jasper, Lava Stone, and an Aspen wood charm.


Ocean Jasper is a stone that helps to relieve stress, worry, and negative feelings that are born through neglecting yourself. It is a communication stone that will help you to communicate more positively both to and about yourself. This stone promotes self confidence, self esteem, and self worth through unconditional self love.


The Lava stone is used to strengthen your connection to mother earth. It creates powerful strength and courage to provide you with stability through times of change.


The Aspen Wood from the Aspen Tree, also known as the Goddess Tree will provide protection in the process of overcoming your fears. It will help you to understand your power & allow you to fearlessly grow through your many transformations.


May this Mala remind you that you have the power to become whatever you desire and guide you on the lifelong journey os self discovery. 

"Self Discovery"

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