Returning Home

Safe to say it's been a while huh? Welp, I haven't given up here, I just took a step back to become fully present in the journey Lee & I were on. For those of you who know us personally you know we returned home to Long Island from the trip of a life time. We left in September to drive across the country and see what travel nursing in California had to offer us.

When we were packing up to head out I was building a website, starting a brand, crafting my Mala Beads, studying yoga, being a wife, and gearing up to start working again full time as an ER nurse in the middle of the pandemic (I literally just started sweating typing that all out). I quickly realized I was trying to take on all the dreams at the same time and that something had to give if I was actually going to experience any of them coming true.

So I did the one thing that is the absolute hardest for me to do. I let go. I sank in to the experiences that were unfolding around us and gave myself the space & grace to really BE in it. We spent three months in northern California taking in San Francisco, Napa Valley, the redwood forests, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel by the Sea, and most of all the magic that lived inside our little cottage in Newark. For the very first time since we met we were truly alone, just the two of us, day in and day out. I think we learned more about each other, our relationship, our hopes, and our dreams in those three months than at any other point in our relationship thus far. It was beautiful. A dream come true really. We realized that we had accomplished this huge goal we set out for ourselves years prior and we were literally living within a dream that we made our reality. Creativity started pouring out of us. Lee painted more than ever before, I knotted Mala's for hours at a time, and our deep conversations about how we see the world sparked the idea for On The Run a podcast that captures our free spirits navigating the world around us. If you haven't yet check us out & share share share the love with anyone you can!

As our three months in Northern California came to an end I worked up the guts to book a month long 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii that would start in March. That left us with eight weeks to spare and only one place we were willing to go, San Diego. We worried that we wouldn't be able to find a job that would take me for only eight weeks. San Diego is a hot spot for travel nurses and the contracts are not as high paying or easy to come by as some other places. BUT, the universe showed up. Within a few days of booking that trip to Hawaii and letting recruiters know the very specific job I was looking for, I got a call. I didn't even have to interview, I was offered an eight week contract, on day shift, in San Diego, for a really great rate.

San Diego was a D R E A M. The weather was perfect, we had friends around us, there was so much to do and to see, we landed a sweet little apartment walking distance to Balboa Park. It was the first place along this journey that we really felt like we could potentially call it home (and i'm not completely convinced that we won't some day). But it was also the first place we started to really hurt for our humans. We started to feel the pull between living in a place we were in love with and being surrounded by the people we know and love. Ultimately neither of us could picture the next chapter of our lives unfolding without everyone we had left behind. Home is where your heart is, and while ours are with each other wherever we go, they are also with all the people that make life's little moments memorable. So we made a plan to head back to Long Island after our month in Maui. Eight weeks flew by, we packed up most of our belongings into our little Hyundai Elantra for the fifth time and shipped it back to Rocky Point. We took the small amount of clothes we had left, all the books, journals, art supplies, and beads, and headed on a final month long adventure in Hawaii.

Maui broke us open in ways I couldn't have imagined. The energy on the island is palpable everywhere you go. It felt like everywhere we went there was someone with some kind of wisdom to drop in our laps. The island is alive with people who are fearlessly living their lives the way we aspire to live ours. With faith and authenticity. The nature we were surrounded by was unlike anything I have experienced before. We chased waterfalls, swam in sacred rivers, surfed waves, sun bathed with massive sea turtles, listened to whales sing, hiked mountains, and stopped to smell the most beautiful vibrant flowers everyday. I became fully aware of our innate connection to nature. To the energy exchange we give and receive by aligning ourselves with the natural world. I remembered for the first time in a long time, that we are natural beings surrounded and distracted by a lot of unnatural nonsense.

One afternoon Lee and I were laying on the beach watching the sea turtles surf up onto the shore. I mentioned to him a random thought that popped into my head about how nice it must be to be a sea turtle. That all they have to do is eat, swim, sleep, and survive to make other sea turtles. He looked at me and said "I mean thats all humans really have to do too, we just make it really complicated for ourselves".

And it was the most perfect all encompassing lesson for our time on Maui. Through yoga training, through our adventures in nature, and through taking a lot of time to just sit and be, I was reminded that life doesn't need to be so damn complicated. We have the power and ability to do what we love and what makes us happy. We have the ability to control our health, our wealth, and our well being- and that really they are all one and the same.

Through all of our adventures we were on a long journey of returning home to ourselves. Home to who we know we truly are and how we choose to exist in this world. It was a big beautiful adventure of self discovery and in the end we were guided right back home to our hearts.

&& I just think that's just the most beautiful metaphor of life itself.

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