My why is ' i'mperfectly aligned'

I was sitting on the beach in Fire Island, NY, immersed in my 200 yoga teacher training. I was working on my very first Mala beads, meditating on the process of creating. I started to day dream about where yoga had already brought me, and where it was going to take me in this life.

I started thinking really hard about my why. Why had I ended up here in the first place? Why did I want to be a yoga teacher? Why should my future students look to me for support and guidance in their own journey? Why offering these imperfect Mala beads would be of use to anyone outside of myself?

I started laughing at how imperfect that first Mala necklace was turning out, and how perfect a metaphor that was for the practice of yoga as a whole. How so many people, including myself, go through life, or enter their yoga practice aiming for perfection. How we get so caught up in what it's all supposed to look like (life, yoga, the beads) that we forget to take notice of what it all feels like, or simply what it all is.

Our perceptions of the world create our reality. No two realities are going to be alike. No two opinions of what "perfect" is are going to be the same. In order for something to be perfect, we simply have to perceive it as so. We are all aiming for a standard we've each individually made up, which actually means, the standard does not really exist.

What if instead of chasing this picture of what we believe perfect is, we simply accepted that whatever is, is our perfect?

I typed into my phone 'imperfectly perfect' and good old auto correct gave me 'i'm perfectly perfect'. The universe (or apple) literally helped me make the connection that imperfect & i'm perfect were one and the same. I realized something I thought I knew before but never truly understood. We, as humans, all have our imperfections, those are what make us uniquely who we are. Those imperfections make me perfectly who I am and you perfectly who you are. Those imperfections are what align us with our human selves.

I spent the rest of the retreat dedicating my yoga practice to falling in love with who I am, exactly as I am. I stopped judging myself so harshly and began looking at myself through a kinder lens. For the first time, possibly ever, I was practicing true self love. All because I realized that by accepting my imperfections instead of incessantly trying to "fix" them, I could completely align with satya, or my truth.

Thus giving birth to my concept, my why, my dharma & the name of my yoga journey 'i'mperfectly aligned'.

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