Find Your Center

Nervous System Healing For Soul Aligned Success.

'Find Your Center' is a five day event for the woman who is ready to finally say yes to her soul's calling. 

Over the course of five days we are going to tap into the body's intelligence system in order to raise the energetic vibrations that remind you who you are, why you are here, and provide you with the constant confidence you need to pursue your passions.

You will learn how to center your nervous system and be given the tangible tools that can be immediately implemented in order to shift your mind and body into a constant state of ease and abundance. 

Whether you are a new entrepreneur, on a soul searching mission, or are just ready to begin doing business differently - fully stepping into the freedom of creating life on your terms starts with teaching the body what that freedom feels like.

By the end of our time together you will have a box of healing tools, a clear definition of what success looks and feels like to you, and a blueprint for how to begin walking the path towards your wildest dreams.

Training 1 : SHIFT

This is where we are going to nerd out on the bodies intelligence system. You will learn all about your innate wisdom and how to shift the nervous system into receiving mode so that you can access the answers you are looking for within. You will leave day one with a box of tools you can begin immediately implementing to heal in a way that activates your new vision of success and freedom.

Training 2 : DEFINE

We are going to dive into what society has taught us to be true about success, work, wealth, and rest. We will begin to unwind these stories and rewire them into what is true and powerful for you.  Then we will tap into the subconscious mind to leave behind the old paradigm and step into your newly created definition of success that feels good in your body.

Training 3:  ALIGN

On our final day together we will create the blueprint that is going to walk you from where you are right now straight onto the path of passion and purpose. You will have clear and aligned action steps that will propel you into your newly defined success, wealth, freedom, and abundance. You will leave with a clear vision of who it is you get to become and how you can immediately begin embodying this new level version of you!



Day 1 -  August 8, 2022 SHIFT

Day 2 - August 9, 2022 DEFINE

Day 3 - August 10, 2022 ALIGN

Day 4 & 5 - Integration, Conversation, & Live Q & A time!

This entire event will be held in Voxer. No missed call times, no catching up on replays, it will all be readily available for you to listen to the trainings and participate in the conversation when ever you have the space and time to do so!

These recordings are yours to keep and re-listen to as often as you'd like. Consider this workshop like the magic reset button you can hit anytime you desire an empowered energetic upgrade of your mind and body.

Your New Reality is Waiting...

Having success that soothes your soul, and feels really delicious in your body gets to be your reality. You get to build the life you desire to live on your terms and it can be done with ease and flow. 

I used to believe that life had to be stressful. That it was so normalized in society that it meant it had to be the only way. I allowed that to be my truth for so long and created an entire life completely out of alignment.

The truth is that when we are doing work in alignment with our souls purpose, it feels good to our nervous system. When we are able to use our nervous system to work and live in alignment with high vibrational energy - life, success, and abundance get to flow to us with ease. 

I am going to show you exactly how you can access soul aligned success your way!



5 Day Voxer Event + Lifetime Access

Claim Your Soul YES!

You get to be the woman who says yes to living a soul aligned life!

More freedom, more ease, more passion, more purpose, more time, more energy, MORE LIFE is waiting for you!

I can't wait to see you inside!