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I am a 29 year old woman, wife, travel nurse, and yoga teacher with big dreams of helping to heal the world. I started my yoga journey at 20 years old and practiced on and off for 8 years before really diving deep into my personal practice.

It wasn't until I became a wife and traveling ER nurse that I realized I was in need of something that was completely mine. On paper my life was unfolding exactly the way I had planned but, in my head and my heart I could feel there was something missing. I turned to yoga & I learned that something was me. I was missing from my own life. I had spent so much time planning and studying and doing and becoming, I had no idea who I was or how to just be in the life I had created. How could I truly love myself if I was so unsure of who I truly was? Que the practice of yoga.

I fell instantly in love with the way a consistent practice got me out of my own head and into my own body. By harnessing the ability to be in my body I learned how to live in the moment. I began understanding that in order to LIVE in my life, I needed to LET GO of the plans I was constantly curating. I had to learn how to let life happen and how I wanted to exist within it.

As for many people asana (physical practice) is what pulled me in and got me hooked but it was my desire to know more that opened me up to the endless possibilities that exist within a life of yoga. On my 200 hour YTT I was exposed to and immersed in the history, philosophy, spirituality, and holistic health and wellness that yoga offers. It completely opened my eyes and changed the way I viewed the world around me. The experience healed me in ways I never imagined I needed to be healed.

It is my goal to now take what I know, continue to learn, and continue to grow, in order to offer this healing practice to as many people as I can reach. Yoga is powerful medicine in a world where so much pain and suffering exists. It is my dharma (purpose) to help heal the world through the teachings of yoga.

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