I was drawn into my own yoga practice as a means to help combat the stress and anxiety that came along with being an Emergency Room nurse. I was looking for peace of mind in a time in my life where everything outwardly seemed perfect but inside I felt lost.


I had chosen nursing as a career in hopes to help heal people in need. I quickly came to find that western medicine is missing the mark in caring for human beings as a whole. I saw patient after patient being given one medication or another to alleviate the symptoms of a disease with little or no education on how to change their life with the goal of fixing the problem.


Yoga brought to light that so many of the illnesses we see in our society are a direct result of poor lifestyle choices. As a community we need to teach people from a young age how to appropriately take care of their mind, body, and soul.


We live in a world that runs on poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, poor mental hygiene, insurmountable stress, and few resources to alleviate the pain and suffering that these habits cause. I discovered through my own practice that yoga can be that resource. I decided to become a yoga teacher, so I could  integrate my education of the human body and western medicine with holistic health and begin to heal people on a deeper level.

Our goal at i'mperfectly aligned is to help bridge the gap between western medicine and holistic health. I want to teach my students in a way that honors the practice of yoga as a whole. I want to intertwine the history and philosophy of yoga with the popular asana practice to offer a complete understanding of living an abundantly healthy life. A life of purpose and meaning deeper than the fleeting materialistic layer that is taking over the modern world. I want to help my students find their own healing in all that yoga and holistic living has to offer.