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Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and you learn to listen to the songs of your soul. I’mperfectly Aligned was born out of a deep desire to help as many humans as possible truly begin to holistically heal on a soul level. 

This is a space for learning the magic of your mind. Accessing the depths of your soul. Connecting to your highest self and fully actualizing that you have everything you need within you to be the co-creator of the happiest, healthiest, most abundantly free and successful life of your dreams.

I’mperfectly Aligned was created to teach you how to fully embody the mindset and energetic techniques that will heal your heart, free your mind, and expand your consciousness beyond what you ever imagined possible. 

We’re here to help you realize that the present moment is perfect, every day is a gift, each moment is happening for you, and you have the ability to have it all - if you’re willing to believe it.

Ways to Work Together

Three Paths To Explore:

1:1 Transformational Mentorship
Expansion Experiences
Private Yoga & Meditation

1:1 Transformational Mentorship

Molly's favorite means of service is through creating deeply transformative relationships with her 1:1 clients. Her mentorship style takes a holistic approach that aims to encompass the full spectrum of human health, personal development, and spiritual expansion. She will help you access the depths of your subconscious mind, guide you through nervous system regulation, and hold the space needed for you to break through the energetic blocks that are standing in the way of you actualizing a life you are in love with living.

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Expansion Experiences

Choose one of our self-paced workshops that exist to help you through the expansion of your consciousness


A one-day master class on how to use your emotions as a superpower for inner healing & access a higher level of consciousness.

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Meet Your Mind

Meet Your Mind will teach you the tangible practices needed to access the power of your mind, it will guide you through the process of re-wiring your subconscious programming so that you can begin creating a life you are in love with living.


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90-Minute Energetic Breakthrough Session

This offer was created to help you quickly dive deep and begin breaking through. It is a space to connect with your higher self and cultivate directional clarity. An opportunity to get intimate, expansive, and energetically aligned.

Perfect if you are new to coaching or mentorship and desire to see if this healing modality is the right fit for you!

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Find Your Flow

Molly also offers private yoga & meditations in both group and one-on-one settings. 

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